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My glasses don’t work anymore!

It was a comment from my wife this morning; “Do you know that all those glasses I’ve bought over the past years, none of the prescriptions work for me and some are worse than others! I know things change but my eye sight is getting better.” This statement is more poignant as she is my greatest critic of the training I’m doing to become an Alexander Technique  teacher.

Then she asked; “Why don’t the National Health Service use the Alexander Technique in helping people with health issues.” She really feels the benefit of my training.

Wow, if only. So why don’t the NHS use the services of Alexander Technique Teachers? My answer is politics and money, or rather who gets the money and they drive the politics. Now this is tongue in cheek and no evidence with the number I’ve stated.  So if each of us had a little thought of being present and about our primary directions then, say, 80% of prescribed drugs wouldn’t be needed as most people would be fit and well. How do you think the drug companies would feel about such a drop in profits. It is their interest to make a profit and I guess they will use every trick they have to defend their profit. I’ll leave you to ponder.





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