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The perfect student or the Alexander Overcoat

I recon I’ve been the perfect student for the past couple of years whilst studying to become an Alexander Technique Teacher, 1600 hours over 3 years, it’s quite a journey that I’m still on. My other blogs describe some of the discoveries I’ve made during my training, they are well worth a read.

I’ve listened, discussed, read, written and learnt the various Alexander Technique activities to help me get ready to teacher the Alexander Technique to my future pupils. Being the perfect student I’ve really thought and worked hard at discovering what the Alexander technique is all about, so much so that my thoughts have developed into doing them; a big no-no in the Alexander world.

The Alexander Technique is about being free, free to make choices, conscious constructive choices that allows freedom of movement. DOING just won’t DO. By doing the perfect student the edge of the chair had become my friend, the only place I could sit to engage my sit bones so that I could go forward and up, I thought I was free but I was as stiff as a board; the perfect student being stuck in the Alexander Overcoat.

I wasn’t until I met another Alexander teacher and she asked me to slump down and then slowly come out of my slump to my full stature but stopping me early so I wasn’t DOING my usual pulling up that I realised I’ve been trying too hard, something that I’ve been DOING for most of my live, trying to please others at the detriment to myself. I was the perfect student, trying to please my teachers with my pulling up and a whole host of over things.

You’re probably the same, trying too much to please others and the horrible thing is that they probably won’t even notice all that trying. So why not be kind to yourself and notice your habits, ask yourself if you need these habits. Better still find an Alexander Technique teacher so they can help you to discover your real you.

My Alexander Overcoat is now hanging up, it does come out of the wardrobe occasionally but when it does I put back in the wardrobe as who needs an overcoat on a sunny day.

So be nice to your habits, you needed them once but maybe not today. Put them back in the wardrobe or better still send them to your favourite holiday destination, they may like it and as just stay.