Alexander Technique

Bubbles, just bouncing in our bubbles

Continuing on from yesterdays blog I should have been annoyed?. It’s quite liberating to talk about how I feel. For years how I felt was my business, keep it tightly held to myself and its nobody else’s business.

I had the thought that we all bounce around in our little bubbles, it is safe in there with our habits that restrict and constrain our freedom. If there is a chance that the bubble can be burst we just add more layers of habits to protect us, this does lead to the problem that we are even more constrained and restricted with even less freedom. This has certainly been my habits, I did like my bubble, I avoided vulnerability, risk and had a quiet life. IMG_2148It was wonderful. Or so I thought. All these habits are really just thoughts and as FM Alexander wrote: “we translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.”

So being in my bubble I was generating unnecessary muscular tension. I thought I was having a quiet life but I was busy protecting myself unnecessarily for imaginary problems, I was making things up to keep the dream going. I can only guess that 99.99999% of the population love to do this as well.(I’ve got no valid reason for the percentage, it just looks good)

Well,  I’ve popped my bubble, or rather letting it down slowly. Too quickly and I may just turn into a babbling wreck. I’m starting to enjoy my vulnerability, instead of the thoughts of “I can’t do that” its “let it happen and see what occurs”. Without my bubble, life is a strange place, it’s actually great. But at the moment I’m not ready to go to far from safety but I’m pushing the limits and a little beyond them. I wouldn’t even know this place of vulnerability and wonderfulness existed with my Alexander Teacher Training. I’m not recommending you go on the teacher training course, but a few sessions with an Alexander Teacher may well introduce you to the land of vulnerability and wonderfulness.

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