Alexander Discovery, Alexander Technique

Just being here

I did start a blog about Alexander’s secret weapon, but as I do I’ve lost the plot on that blog, so here I go again. Alexander discovered various things about how humans use and think how they use their bodies and there’s been a lot more studies that demonstrate the Alexander was on the right track, on some points he was spot on. So over hundred years have passed and some of us are still going on about what Alexander discovered. He may have borrowed, reused, rebadged someone else ideas but what is important is that he put these discoveries together in a usable package for all of us to use.

There are three main discoveries, I see his other discoveries as subsets of these three, please correct me otherwise.

The three are;

  1. The head neck back relationship
  2. Psycho-physical unity
  3. Touch

The head neck back relationship

My one sentence thought on this relationship is to imagine a garden hose, if it doesn’t have any kinks in it the water flows freely, the same can be said about the head neck back, if there’s no kinks in it, blood and nerve signals will flow freely. There is a warning here, if you have just pulled your head up you’ve just kinked your neck, I may explain in a future blog.

Psycho-physical unity

This seems rather grand so here is my one sentence. We are simply just one which includes the body and everything we think.

My one sentence just didn’t cut it as it’s a lot, lot more, here’s another try. The unity is a point in time when your psycho-physical reality is synchronised into unity. This takes practice as there are multiple dimensions to this unity. These dimensions are powerful and from my experience, they don’t like to be in unity, I get the feeling that they are like magnets, they just want to repel each other. The repelling is self-doubt, thoughts of not good enough and the myriad of other negative thoughts. The secret is to quieten these negative thoughts by doing nothing, allow these thoughts to rise and allow them to pass. Perhaps querying these thoughts by asking if they are true. My guess is that they aren’t true.

There’s even more nothing to do, that is to do nothing about your head neck back relationship, if you notice any muscle tension you are doing too much, just think about your head going up which allows your back to lengthen. Remember it is a thought, if there is any muscular tension you are doing something that you don’t need to do.


Alexander Teachers are trained to use their hands as another sense so they can notice what is going on with others, they can also use touch to help others to notice and sense what thoughts are like when your head is going up that allow your back to lengthen, perhaps another blog needs to be written.

This blog was intended to write briefly about being here, psycho-physical unity, the sweet spot to life. This unity doesn’t last long but can be continually refreshed by doing nothing, noticing what’s going on and having an intension to achieve something. My intension was to maintain my psycho-physical unity whilst writing this blog.