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The real me

Authority – a word that gives me awkward thoughts

  • Being told what to do
  • Being measured and checked if I’m doing it right
  • Somebody has the authority over me
  • I want to rebel against authority
  • I’m not in charge
  • I’m being undermined and not in control


If I turn it around

“Somebody else has authority over me’


“I have authority over me”

then thoughts change and I’m empowered with the authority in what I do.

The need to

  • please others disappears
  • be measured by others disappears
  • search for criticism and approval from others disappears.

I am my own man and I become my authentic self.

The real me

On first thoughts this turn around is pretty scary, I’m vulnerable and open to others, well that’s my initial thoughts but really I’m not open to others, I’m open but in control of my own destiny.

Life still goes on but at my pace, I’m not sitting in a corner being the authentic me but living life.

I get the sense that I’m no longer living in the thick fog of anxiety trying to please others, my days are bright and clear as I go from activity to activity.

This could be called mindfulness in activity, I’m not sure what it is but I get the space and time to think and be confident in what I do.

So authority isn’t such a bad word when I use it for myself, it give me the authority to be authentic.

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