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Piercing the heart

Yesterday I wrote about that Authentic Happiness Shines however it isn’t a simple trick that you can play on yourself and hopefully others will get sucked into your trick. They may believe in your trick for a while but eventually they will slowly move on and disappear from your company.

I know as it’s happened to me.

The other trick we play on ourselves is that we aren’t worthy of your love and friendship, we hold ourselves back with this belief. Others are waiting, screaming quietly to accept our love and friendship.

I know it’s happened to me.

So playing at it and denying it just don’t bring happiness.

What does?

Just being me. 

My authentic self in this very moment, each moment exists for as long as it needs.

It’s not the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom. i.e a second.

I don’t know how long they are in physical measurement but they are long enough, they end when they need to end. I’ve found that there’s a problem with these moments and it is that I want to stop them because I feel vulnerable, it doesn’t feel right, it’s strange, it’s an out of body experience, I shouldn’t be thinking like this. These thoughts are just things I’ve picked up over my lifetime, people trying with best and worst endeavours to shape me into somebody they want me to be, they are creating my paradigm, my set of rule that I need to comply with. Challenging my paradigm makes me vulnerable, it causes a change to my paradigm.

I see the people trying to mould my paradigm as an ivy climbing a tree and it slowly sucking the life of the tree.


In the end both suffer, my life is constrained and will wither then the ivy will not be able climb to the height it wants.

So seeking happiness, the first thought is to restart my paradigm, that seems to be a bit a a sledge hammer to crack an egg,

We are what we are,

I am what I am.

We can all change if we want to.

So seeking happiness is just being me in the moment.

Being in the moment is been true to yourself.

  • You need to be grounded
  • You need to be all joined up
    • an authentic flow of energy throughout yourself
    • know where your body is
  • You need to be here
    • in time
    • in space
  • You need to love yourself first
    • content with yourself in the moment
    • and the next moment
    • you need to allow the pain of your pierced heart to diminish.

Amazingly you can do all this, but you may need help to investigate how to change your paradigm. I did and now I’m ready to help.

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