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What asthma and me, I don’t have asthma anymore?

I’ve got an hour before I need to go out so I thought a might write another blog, when I sat down and entered my password I hadn’t a clue what to write, I like it that way, then the thought that was to write about asthma and me; I’ve moved on, what asthma and me, I don’t have asthma anymore?

I discovered one of my inhalers this week when I was looking for something. I guess this is where the thought started. So this blog is about me and asthma but I still don’t know what to write. When I discovered my inhaler I had a saddening thought of what I was like, I was dependent an inhaler I couldn’t leave the house without one, if I forgot it I got into a blind panic. I guess I was a terrible pain to live with.

So why aren’t I like that now?

My simple answer is that I think differently.

I live in the here and now that gives me the opportunity to notice things happening in my body, stomach butterflies, chest tightening, lower back pain. When I notice the happenings I can then do something about them.

This isn’t a quick fix, to start to notice the happenings took time, it took years. Firstly I didn’t know I could notice, secondly I didn’t know what the happenings meant and I didn’t realise that I could do something about the happenings.

It is the knowing that really helped me, I didn’t discover this myself I got the help from some people who had trained to help people to find freedom and happiness within themselves. Please read It’s so so simple to give you an understanding.

Being an engineer and technically minded believing that I could have thoughts that could get rid of my asthma was just bonkers, airy fairy, too alternative. It took me a while to believe it, it was only when I realised that for a long time I hadn’t need an inhaler I believed it must be the power of thought. I wasn’t on any medication for anything.

This change was like a supertanker changing direction, it needs plenty of space and plenty of time, it can’t be done quickly. So the sooner it starts the sooner live can change.

It takes time and it also takes my capacity to believe in myself, for my authentic self to blossom. If you haven’t read It’s so so simple yet, please do, as it will tell you the two simple steps to help you.

If your stubborn and cynical like me, you may well follow the long torturous route I took, enjoy, but there are short cuts, people who have been there and are willing to tell their story and tips. If you are like me, late onset asthma after a traumatic event, your asthma may well be what you are thinking, I was for me.

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