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Do you know where your head is?

I was once upon a time stuck and wrote loads of blogs about being blocked, a few weeks ago I stopped being blocked and discovered that I didn’t want to write anymore.

I’ve been pondering how to start writing again, writing something that’s not about being blocked. It’s been difficult to work out what to write about and still don’t have much of a clue at the moment.

I know it can’t be made up and it must be authentic.

You may have noticed from my Facebook page that I was in London last weekend to learn more about group workshops about Alexander’s discovery. My conclusion to the workshop is to keep it simple, don’t go into detail as the audience and myself won’t understand what needs to happen. I’ll confuse everyone.

The first topic is to know where your head is, that’s simple and you all know that, I did say wow at one point as did everyone else. The wow was the height from just below your eyes and the top of your head, the distance is greater than everyone thought. Have a look in a mirror or even better get a friend to place one of their hands on top of your head and the other just below your eyes. They stand still and you walk backwards making sure they don’t move. Now take a look at the distance between their hands, wow.

So why is so important to demonstrate at a workshop?

This is the approximate top and bottom of your brain. You have little or no proprioception for your skull ( there is little or no understanding where your skull is in relation to the rest to your body) but we try to understand where the top of the skull is by using our eyes, obviously the top of the skull is above the eyes but we generally underestimate the distance, hence the wow.

This is important to understand to help you to reduce your faulty sensory awareness that you, everyone including myself have. Some have greater faulty sensory awareness than others, Alexander’s discovery will help improve your awareness.

Alexander’s discovery is that your head neck back relationship physically effects everything you do, your moods and psychological wellbeing. So knowing about where your head is and where you head sits on your neck are the first essential building blocks for good health and wellbeing.


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