Alexander Technique

Being aware of your local environment

In my last blog Food glorious food I mentioned being aware of your local environment.

So what is your local environment?

If this is about eating and you have followed my instructions, you will be sitting at a table with your food in front of you. Your local environment will be the wonderful food you are about to eat, the table your plate is resting on, your plate and cutlery, the room you are in, the building you are in, you can expand to your town and beyond.

I want you to be interested in all these things, that’s really interested, and then include them all at the same time as you expand interest in your environment. Keep going examining all these things and places over and over again, as your thoughts move out of the room you will have to use your imagination on those thoughts.

Your thoughts should include your senses, what senses are invoked by your thoughts, the wonderful odours from your food, the sense of touch as you sit on your chair, the sense of being in the room, the visual stimulus that the room brings, do you notice any sounds in the room or elsewhere, is there a sensation of hot or cold, how does this feel?

Please be really interested in your local environment, now it is time to eat, pick up your cutlery, now you have the opportunity to use your sense of touch to notice the texture, temperature of your cutlery and how it balances in your hands, be curious. How about a quick flight around these thoughts around those things and places again, it must be time to eat. Enjoy your meal, take your time and enjoy every mouthful perhaps whilst taking in you local environment.

You may think that your food will be cold by the time you have increased your awareness of your local environment, perhaps firstly experiment with a cold meal, with practice your awareness is almost immediate, just a couple of moments.

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