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Rediscover your ‘it’

I just come back from my Sunday morning walk with my dogs, now it is time for a coffee and write my daily blog.

Today I had an extra one today as well, some may say that four springer spaniels is too many for a walk, I’d agree if they were all on leads, fortunately they weren’t. They just run free in the forest, ranging around me as I walk. They do keep an eye on me to make sure that I don’t get too far away and I do the same.

I use my walking to reflect on things, today I did a voice recording of what I was thinking; I’ll listen to it later or not at all. The general gist was that I tend to write about how to become present in this moment, I’ve written plenty of blogs about this but have never really moved into what makes Alexander’s discovery so special.

To be fully content with life we need to know where we are in time and space, much of what I’ve written about is mindfulness, being present in this moment. Understanding where you are in space is a little more difficult. The difficultly is that our habits put us in various physical contortions. Just observe people, you may see some peoples heads jutting out in front of their torso, I guess this is tiring but is normal to them, if you ask them they will say they are perfectly upright and have a pretty good posture, you can clearly see this isn’t true. They have faulty sensory perception of their own body, as I do and most probably you do as well. It’s a global problem except for the fortunate few, normally the successful athletes, sportsmen and women and performers but not always.


Our habits and beliefs have pulled us in all manner of positions.  This is what brings pain to many, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, rotator cuff pain, carpel tunnel pain.

Understanding that your sensory awareness is faulty could well be the first step to reducing the pain, understanding that just with a thought your sensory awareness can improve, with that improvement things will begin to shift, the original pain may cease or reduce, other joints may become painful for a time, not always, but sometimes. Your body will need time to readjust. For many this isn’t a single visit and fixed forever, they will need regular visits to be introduced to their habits, once noticed they can do something about them or not. The other part of discovering where you are in space is that if you try to do anything it won’t work. That was my biggest challenge, surely I must do something! It is all about thinking and not doing, if there is any muscular tension from your thinking then it won’t work.

What is the ‘it’?

The ‘it’ is the natural freedom of movement we all have but choose not to recognise it and decide to use our habits and beliefs instead.

Working with an Alexander Technique Teacher you can rediscover your it. You will need to listen and be prepared to change because minimising your faulty sensory awareness is a huge change to make.

It is worth it.

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