Alexander Technique

If it’s clear, then cross the road

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, I’ve sort of stopped for a while to consider what to do next! Stop, look and listen, if it’s clear then cross the road was advertised a long time ago on road safety adverts, comes to mind. I’ve been stopped whilst looking and listening, this is my first step off the kerb!

Stopping was the hard thing to do as I wanted to plough on regardless and at the same time knowing it is good stop. I guess I stopped but I don’t know, we all play games on ourselves; I may have played at stopping and instead just waited to continue irrespective of what I’ve seen or heard, that’s pretty dangerous when crossing the road and could be also in life. What I’ve come to discover that I continually play these games on myself and as we both are human you will be playing the same sort of games to a greater or lesser extent. Then to the next discovery; be content with who you think you are, for me this has only happened when I noticed and stopped the games I’ve been playing at stopping. Who I think I am changes by the minute of everyday, I will meet somebody and change, I will see, smell, touch or sense something and will change. We all react to our environments in some way all of the time, just be content that this happens; notice and learn. Noticing my reactions to my environment has been interesting, by noticing I have a greater choice, firstly is my initial reaction true, if it’s not I could do something different or nothing at all. A surprisingly simple concept but ever so difficult to enact as I’m fighting against my habits that have protected me for many years. However fighting, whatever fighting means to you, will make your moment with your environment more complex and not appropriate to you; your body will push back and put the brakes on, producing that knowing feeling or pain somewhere.

Looking and Listening, I guess, during my time out, I’ve been noticing and asking questions to myself and others, accepting what I hear and see. Again noticing when my ‘fight’ pops up. Is my fight real or imaginary, do I trust the person, do I trust what I hear, does it content matter to me? When trust and truth line up everything becomes easy, life is good.

It is clear to cross the road, when I’m open with myself and the trust and authenticity of others shines brightly, then I can make a decision to cross the road or not; it’s my choice. If trust and truth are missing it’s not safe to cross, stop and wait by the kerb until trust and truth come to help or walk on to find another route.