If you want to know now about the Alexander Technique there are plenty of resources available on the Internet and books, there are sometimes articles in newspapers and magazines. Facebook has plenty of groups discussing Alexander Technique topics. So please investigate.

You can read all the writing in the world about the technique but you won’t really understand the Alexander Technique until you have the pleasure of working with a qualified teacher.

‘Teacher’ may give the game away, teachers teacher, the technique isn’t a therapy, pupils are there to learn and the teachers to teach.

IMG_1901You may feel some therapeutic benefit during a lesson, note a lesson not a session, as you may feel the freedom the teacher has temporarily passed to you. During your lessons your teacher will instruct you how to develop your own ease and freedom that you can apply during your activities of daily life.

If you want to know more then please contact me.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m enjoying reading your posts, thanks. I am trained as an AT teacher and sometimes touch on it in my own blog – just posted for example on ‘knowing which way is up’.

  2. Thank you very much, my aim is to get AT more widely recognised and be just as normal as Pilates, mindfulness, etc.
    Your website seems to be having problems as I can’t see it.
    Many thanks

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