Andy: John was able to identify a deep-rooted habits in me, mainly to do with the need for other people’s approval, that were so entrenched I’d ceased to be aware of them. He helped lead me out of them, to drop them, so I could become more like my authentic self, free of the need to put on an act. Suddenly life was so much easier. That habit will return but knowing I have a choice is liberating and life-changing – and I owe it to John’s insight and ability to impart the freedom the Alexander Technique brings.

Christina: I was the one that mentioned about hips. I suffered when I was a child with my hips, that was eventually put down to growing pains, but I get reoccurrences of pain. Over Christmas I used the Alexander Technique when I had some of the pain came back and it really did work!. I also didn’t find myself stressing over too much after using the technique, so it has already proved very useful.

Karen: I think what struck me more was that even in a split second you have time to choose. I would certainly be interested in learning more… .

James: The thing that seems to be sticking with me is … keeping the focus of my awareness and physical self in the same place. I found I kept bringing my vision back, to take in the wider view, rather than zooming in on something in the distance, AT the same time, I felt myself walking with a much more upright posture.

Lorna: And for the first time in two months my back wasn’t stiff or painful this morning.

Deborah: Thank you John for a very interesting session last night…my husband has noticed that his back is much freer today and I have been thinking about the balancing and knees…
Your enthusiasm shines, thank you and see you next weds 😊. ..

Jennie: Hi John, well I thought it was great. The ball exercises of not pre-empting movements was a great way to make me more in the moment. I thought it was great that I became aware of how I try to ‘stand up straight’ and so often over compensate. I realised that even when relaxing I am not fully relax and felt more aware of the present moment over all. On my way home I felt my jaw and bite was different so probably more straight. I have felt more flexible today but also more pains in my back a little, I presume this is whilst my body retrains it self? Can’t wait till next week!

Karen: I am more conscious of what I do, although still a way to go, but I am noticing.

Nemia: Thanks John, It was a useful hour. I am trying to do more of ‘nothing’ this week! A challenging but helpful practice.