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The benefits of the Alexander Technique to your organisation

Victorinox has engaged with the Alexander Technique for many years which has resulted in a 40% reduction of illness due to overload

“We have balance time three times a day! Following the “Alexander technique,” we perform exercises to relax the body. This sounds unusual, but it’s very effective. Since the start of 2002, we have reduced illnesses caused by overload by 40%.”

— Victorinox https://www.victorinox.com/uk/en/Explore/Company/Sustainability/Everything-about-sustainability/cms/infotainment

Southampton University  conducted a research project to investigate the benefits of the Alexander Technique and sufferers of lower back pain.

“One year after the trial started, the average number of activities limited by back pain had fallen by 42%, and the number of days in pain was only 3 a month compared with 21 days in the control group.”

— Southampton University https://www.southampton.ac.uk/s3ri/research/projects/benefits_of_the_alexander_technique_for_sufferers_with_low_back_pain.page

These are pretty amazing statistics and they are available to your organisation, your workforce and yourself. These quotes appear to describe the physical benefits of the Alexander Technique, don’t be fooled, to gain the physical benefits we need to have a goal, a willingness to achieve the goal and commitment to change; the only way to undertake these is through your thinking. Without this personal goal, the physical pain and or the workforce burnout would remain.

How I can improve your business

  • Foundation training for manual activities,
  • Enrichment training for management activities
  • Sustainment coaching for individual needs.

All employees will benefit from any of the offerings, the way they use themselves will change for the better, they will be more conscious in what they do which will result in less accidents, less sick days and a more contented workforce.

Unfortunately these offerings cannot be a one off; the training needs to run over a period of time to get the results the Victorinox achieved.


The fundamental concept of what I teach is to instill a bodily awareness in how we move and how we work, the next concept I teach is to understand how your body works from the perspective of movement.

With bodily awareness and a better understanding of movement, your approach to physical activities will change for the better. This understanding will allow your employees to make better choices when moving around the workplace and when using workplace equipment and devices.

The Foundation Stage will provide practical group training for using yourself more efficaciously in walking, lifting, sitting, using the computer and handheld devices.


Having Physical awareness is the foundation of what we do, how we interact with our environment, our workplace. In Enrichment you will learn to improve your interconnectedness with the environment and people. Many staff will have difficulties in performing particular activities when interacting with other people. In Enrichment I will teach those attending method to overcome their fears.

The Enrichment Stage will provide practical group training for coping with the stresses and strain of business life; topics may include managing stage fright, interviews, making conscious decisions, developing observational skill.

The scope of the group training to be determined prior to the start, though depending on the attendees the scope may change to suit their needs on the day.


Working in greater detail with psychophysical awareness that combines the Foundation and Enrichment training that you have received, this is where the long-lasting benefits are established.

This is One to one training or small groups and will be bespoke the suit the clients needs.

Developing a conscious workforce

What I provide to your business

I notice and observe the way people interact with others and more importantly the way they interact with themselves. Once I’ve noticed something then I can invite them to see if they sense what I’ve noticed. These observations and suggestions are given without judgement or malice, in an open and honest communication for all to benefit from the experience.

I use games, play, role-play and juggling beanbags to help raise the consciousness of those attending. My intention is to have student led activities as this is where the greatest benefit is gained.

My objective for all sessions is for those attending to quicken their consciousness, the outcome they will notice is an overall lightness with improved clarity of thought and for those with pain their pain is reduced. Each session I will discuss some aspect of human anatomy that is appropriate to the session activities, the activities and human anatomy may be repeated over a period of sessions as some attending will not understand the concepts immediately, for others it will enhance their understanding.

Those attending will begin to notice they can do their daily activities using less effort, be it typing on a keyboard, lifting objects, presenting at workshops, even listening to others without drifting into other thoughts. The benefits will not be realised fully from a single workshop however over a series of workshops the benefits will be realised. What I offer is an indirect way for change that will enhance your workforce, a happy, content and empowered workforce will be more effective and a greater likelihood to remain with your business.

My observation skills have been developed through my Alexander Technique teacher training, where a great deal of time was spent on firstly observing myself, both physically and mentally, then with fellow student and then the public. My observation skills are not only via sight and sound, listening to what is said, I am also trained in observation via touch. Observing through touch is very powerful and useful skill for noticing behaviours in others, Touch is also used to show others what is possible for their body, their habits and beliefs may restrict the use in some way, my touch skills can bypass their habits and beliefs and then demonstrate their greater range of movement. None of this can work without the agreement of the individual, the individual must be open to change, willing to play and experiment.

In my workshops and individual sessions the clients are expected to participate to the level they are comfortable with. I mentioned earlier the work is undertaken without judgement or malice and different people will approach this work for very different starting points and intentions. Over the period of the workshops each person will explore for themselves their own habits and beliefs, many of the habits and beliefs will be kept and many will be let go of. Choosing is a crucial topic of the training, however to choose there needs to be choice. Many of the games are about choice, some choices are more suitable then others, for example, getting ready for something that may or may not happen seems silly when written on paper however we all have this habit in some form. By bringing this to your attention then you can have the choice of getting ready to not. I prefer not to. The reason why will be explained in the workshops.

John Stevenson

Alexander Technique Teacher

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